Specials and Related Services

The Maddux School is committed to providing students with a well-rounded, comprehensive learning experience. Our dedicated staff ensures that students receive individualized attention in a highly structured, nurturing environment with a low student to teacher ratio. Each classroom team includes two experienced Head Teachers, a Speech Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist, and an Associate Teacher. 

A Social Learning Coordinator and Learning Specialist provide additional support within each classroom and for individual students. Furthermore, experienced specialists in the fields of music, art, yoga, physical education, and library and technology provide highly-engaging activities that augment the curriculum.


Art is hugely important at The Maddux School – as a vehicle for expression and as an avenue for learning flexibility and problem-solving skills. In addition to being a significant part of the academic and social learning curriculum, students receive weekly art lessons from a talented, certified art instructor in an authentic art studio. Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of art styles and create with a plethora of materials.

Each year we host a comprehensive all-school art festival, showcasing our integration of arts with all aspects of academic, social and emotional learning.  This year, our virtual art festival focused on self-portrait, highlighting the shift in our changing curriculum while celebrating creativity, confidence and resilience.

Library & Technology

Each classroom at The Maddux School is equipped with a comfortable library space and a small selection of iPads, specifically designed for safe student use. Additionally, each week, students visit the school’s more expansive library and media center for read-aloud activities, book sharing and exposure to other technology. During these lessons, students learn the rules and expectations of visiting a library and how to find and borrow books. They also get to enjoy classic literature through a variety of media formats, such as picture books, big books, laptops, and even projected on a big screen! 

Motor Skills

Each classroom team benefits from the knowledge and experience of a master’s level Occupational Therapist. These therapists lead fine and gross motor activities in the classroom for an average of four hours each week, as well as collaborate with teams to develop sensory strategies for the classroom and individualized supports for specific students. 


Maddux students love to sing and sway to the rhythm of music! Research consistently shows the benefits of a strong music program in schools – it strengthens cognitive skills, supports emotional development and builds imagination and curiosity. At The Maddux School, we believe in the importance of a strong musical program and students participate in two music classes each week. During these sessions, students are play a variety of musical instruments, join in movement and dance activities, and are exposed to fun, engaging songs.

Physical Education

Exercise, game playing skills and cooperation are all big benefits of The Maddux School’s physical education program. Students participate in two weekly classes – with a highly-qualified adaptive PE teacher in a beautiful, expansive gymnasium. Each class begins with warm-up exercises that stretch muscles and teach the importance of daily exercise. Then, game playing skills are broken down and taught systematically as students prepare to participate in adaptive versions of schoolyard classics, such as kickball and variations of tag. While students play, collaboration, flexibility, compromise and teamwork are celebrated. Students are gently exposed to competition and taught coping strategies to handle loss and disappointment.

Speech and Communication

A master’s level Speech Language Pathologist is an important member of each classroom team. In addition to offering their expertise, the SLP provides approximately four hours of direct instruction in play skills and pragmatic language each week. 


Students at The Maddux School are encouraged to use breathing and movement to help them regulate their emotions and maintain concentration. During weekly Yoga sessions, a certified Yoga instructor teaches students breathing techniques, relaxation exercises and basic yoga positions. During these activities, students also get additional practice at following directions, developing tolerance and building strength.