Social Learning

At The Maddux School, we believe that the development of self-confidence, academic success and positive relationships begins with Social Learning.  As such, Social Learning is an integral part of every day and every subject. Classroom teams – including a Social Learning Coordinator, Speech Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist – come together to design and implement appropriate Social Learning activities that help students develop responsibility, flexibility, and thoughtfulness. 

Additionally, students learn skills to help them communicate effectively, play with peers successfully, and understand the perspective of others. Many of these activities are derived or inspired by the Social Thinking and Unstuck and On Target curricula, while others are developed by our educational experts to specifically meet the needs of their students.

Social Learning is thoroughly integrated into the Maddux School day. Students are exposed to direct instruction of specific skills in small and large group settings, led by classroom teachers, Speech Language Pathologists and the Social Learning Coordinator. Then, taught skills are carried over into appropriate activities, learned scripts are used frequently and students are reinforced for independent and supported application. Furthermore, classroom teams regularly communicate the Social Learning skills being targeted so that families can utilize scripts and strategies at home.