Tuition & Fees

Investing in a child’s future by building a solid foundation for learning and friendship is our focus at The Maddux School.  Parents of graduates frequently share that their child’s early years at The Maddux School set the stage for ongoing growth and success in their educational journeys – even into the college years!

The Maddux School provides a comprehensive education focused on the whole child through academics, social learning, and special subjects like art, library, music, PE, yoga and STEAM. Our teachers, curriculum and instruction coordinator, social learning coordinator, speech therapists, occupational therapists and administrators employ a team-based approach to deliver individualized and differentiated instruction across the day.

Tuition covers our 10-month, full-day program, plus we provide Social Emotional Learning (SEL), speech and occupational therapy services at no additional cost.

2024-25 Tuition & Fees

First Grade$41,200
Second Grade$41,200

Optional Add-Ons

Parent Association Dues$50
Afterschool Enrichment Clubsvariable

Payment Options

The Maddux School is pleased to offer multiple options for tuition payment: annually, by semester or monthly.