Academic Curricula

At The Maddux School, we strive to provide a highly rigorous and developmentally-appropriate educational experience for all children. To that end, we have created our own unique, state-approved curriculum by combining grade-level standards from both the Common Core State Standards and the Maryland State Curriculum

We believe that the focus of a strong learning experience should be to develop problem-solving skills and to learn how to think critically and flexibly. We also celebrate the many different personalities, interests and learning styles of our students and our aim is to provide a “just right” learning opportunity for each, individual student that will enhance his or her strengths while also supporting areas of challenge.

Both academics and social learning take center stage at The Maddux School. Talented and enthusiastic teachers and therapists work in transdisciplinary teams to create multi-sensory and highly engaging activities that facilitate growth in the areas of language arts, mathematics, writing, play, communication, executive functioning, emotional regulation, science and social studies. 

Furthermore, the well-trained Maddux staff implements a variety of research-based curricula to ensure a strong foundation of academic and social skills.  Students are exposed to instruction through Orton-Gillingham, Heggerty Phonemic Awareness, Read Naturally, Guided Reading, Writing Workshop, Zearn & Eureka Math, Handwriting Without Tears, Unstuck & On-Target & Zones of Regulation, among others.

The Maddux Model

The truly wonderful and uniquely special aspect of The Maddux School is our focus on teaching through the Arts. As students work to build a strong foundation of academic skills and develop a strong sense of self, they are also taken on a journey that exposes them to rich literary experiences and awe-inspiring creations. Our social studies and social skills units are the jumping-off point for an integrated approach that lands with designing, constructing, and creating. Along the way, our students become reflective, flexible and confident.

Each fall, students prepare for our annual Literacy Festival by exploring well-regarded authors and high-quality children’s literature. In the spring, the discovery continues as students research the work of famous artists and artwork and set out to make their own museum-worthy creations. Their work is showcased at our annual Art Festival in May – the culminating event of the school year.


Students begin their educational journey with self-discovery, by enjoying books and activities in our “All About Me” unit. Learning about letters and numbers is key and instruction is embedded in play, arts and crafts, and hands-on learning experiences.  In addition to multi-sensory activities in core academic areas, students are also learning how to identify their feelings, use their words to get what they want and need, and how to talk to and play with friends.  Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum establishes a strong foundation for a love of life-long learning and a desire for lasting relationships.


As students continue their educational journey at The Maddux School, the focus shifts to “My Community” as they learn important skills needed to be a positive member of a group. Our kindergartners set out to explore the important roles people play in establishing safe, nurturing communities and cities and begin to evaluate their own strengths as they set goals for the future. Furthermore, they continue to grow socially and academically with continued exposure to multi-sensory activities and direct instruction. 

First Grade

Students continue to grow and learn as they embark on discovering “All About the USA.” In addition to instilling a strong sense of independence and patriotism, this unit helps students celebrate and respect differences among others. It also exposes students to the hard work and sacrifice made by many famous Americans before them. Academic rigor continues in First Grade as students’ learning becomes more challenging and expectations increase. Students receive concrete, explicit instruction in a variety of curricula and participate in daily journal writing, science experiments, technology-based activities and more. 

Second Grade

The exploration continues in Second Grade as students venture “Around the World,” expanding their understanding of cultures, attitudes and ideologies that may differ from their own. The thrust in second grade is to push students to become more independent and reflective in their educational experiences. While continuing to receive direct instruction using tailored curricula, students are expected to take on more responsibility within the classroom and to develop leadership skills as they prepare for new opportunities and challenges.